About my education (:

Everyone needs education same as me, (: My parents really care with my education, and they are give me right school for my future.

  • Firstly, I have studied in a kinderganden TK Pembina Muara Enim. I have graduated in year 2000 when I was 5 years old. At that year, My principle was Bu Ernidayanti, she had a big patient for her students.
  • The Second, in 2001 I entered to Elementary School no.11 Muara Enim. I wanted to enter that school because of my nephew was there. The first principle was Pak Rasyid and from him I learned about dance. In Elementary School, I had many achievements such as dance competition, gymnastic competition, writing competition, reading competition, etc. I have graduated in this school in year 2007 when the principle was Bu Saidah.
  • Continued to the next level, I was studied in Junior High School no.1 Muara Enim, from this level I learned many things. (: From here, I could get more achievements than in Elementary School. And in 2010 I have graduated from this lovely school.
  • And now on, I am studying in SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy). (:

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