About atira :)

A Great power of God came to My Mom and My Dad, a sweet girl who will live together with them was born in Muara Enim,. In Every day life, people called me Atira or Maya, however some people called me Atirong, Mbak Tir, Tirutt, Kak Tira, Dek Tira, and others,,hehehe… Actually my full name is Atira Elpariska Maya. My Beloved father gave me this name .

So, Atira Elpariska Maya means Atira was as the first daughter for my parents

Talk about MYSELF

Now on, I am a student in SMANegeri Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy) Palembang. I study in XI.Science 2 class. As a aquarius girl, I like to writing, listen to the music, and do whatever I want as long as it’s give me more advantages. J I am living in dormitory, together with my family from different places. I just enjoy my self in this dormitory. As physically, I am a girl who wearing the veil(jilbab) because I am a Moeslimah. I love to play with my laptop, browse something, facebooking, skype-an, etc. Hhehhe…



Now, my father is a math teacher in one of Senior High School in Muara Enim and in Tarbiyah University in Muara Enim, He teach about The Development Curriculum in Islamic Education and Evaluation System Islamic Education. He likes to writing about Islamic Education, however I likes to write so. While, My mom is a great mother ever for me, since kindergarden she always accompany me when I am studying. She has big patient and optimism characteristic. J I am proud of them. And My younger brother, Now, He is in Junior High School grade 7, but he is taller than me, ,L When we were walking together, he is just like my boyfriend, and I am really shy.. :p I LOVE THEM so muchh,,,


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