Curahan hati

Oleh atira elpariska maya

( actually this was my article when I got consequence from my teacher because I spoke bahasa Indonesia,hheee)

In our world, there are our life and the family
We Could Fly So High Let Our Spirits Never Die In My Heart
I Feel You Are All My Brothers, Create A World With No Fear
Together We’ll Cry Happy Tears, See The Nations Turn Their Swords
(Heal the World-Michael Jackson)

The lyrics of Heal the Worlds by Michael Jackson above really touch our heart to thing more about the world. What is the meaning of World?. World is the place where all of the God creator can interact each other. One thing that we must pay attention is who will take care of this world. As a human who live in the world, please look out about the condition of earth!. I have a story about my school who really care with their earth and their family. Let’s know more about that.

SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy) is one of school which is standing in Sumatera Selatan Province, Indonesia. All of the teachers and students are really active in everything, we live in dormitory. We are so enthusiasm to take care the world, specially for their environment. In every day life, we put the rubbish in the rubbish bin, and we separate the rubbish into organic and unorganic. First time, some of the students could not differenciate between organic and unorganic rubbish. They mixed the rubbish become one, for example place for plastic waste combined with leafs. But, the teachers and the member of science club who are in environment department helped the students how to solve it.
I remembered that we had Earth day, a day for celebrating our earth/world. The student council in my school have planned to make some competition for all of the students. There were recycle and jingle competition. The contest would be held based on the houses, there were dolphin, dove, eagle, hornbill, komodo, lion, mantaray, rhino, and shark house. The intention of this competition was to encourage the students to loved with their environment. There were many reuse things that showed by each house, for example flowers from the waste papers, place for study lamp which the materials was from coconut trees, made the clothes from plastic waste, and other things. The represantative of each house said that they just found the materials around our school, it meant that there were so many waste things accessible around the environment. When the competition finished, student council declared the winners. And for the accolade, school gave the prize for all of houses which the equipments for cleanliness. It was so creative, there were broom, mop, duster, rubbish bin, and others. It made the students spirit to clean their environment every day.
Since grade X, in my school had L2L programs. Four components of L2L are Global Citizenship, Personal Well Being, Creativity and Art, and Community and services. All of students might have those elements in their selves. In my school, there were activities with regard to L2L programs. Last month, Dove house had a program for grade X to plant some trees in our school. It was correlated with global citizenship part. Firstly, they intended to the school. Now on in my school has trees and it is ready to growth up. As the students, we really thanks to dove house because of them, we could have trees and we will take care of it.
Last year, we had L2L day on august where the boys renovated an elementary school near BLPT. I proud of them, they really spirit to revamp the building. They painted the wall so it became brighter than before. Not only boys do for the environment, however girls too. The girls took the rubbish in the environs of school. There were many rubbish, In my opinion it looked like no rubbish, but it concealed near the plenty of bushes. I fraghtened because so many mosquito and hazard for our healthy. I could not say how pleased I was, we were so favourable. We could help our environment even it was only undemanding job.
I loved my school, where the pupils thought prudently. From this big family, I learned how to loved with our natural world. Eventhough, it was only simple job nevertheless we could start from small aspiration become big upshot. I commited to memory when I tought the children in orphanage. At the time, I was in ten two class. My class was so thronged, every one liked to speak. The teacher might be bored in my class, but everybody had good side and bad side. Like in my class, my friends really spirit to teach the children in the orphanage. When we were come to the place, their way to welcome us so dissimilar with another children. Their smile and the desire to study were good. Sometimes, we shared about the experience to them, they wanted to tell their life story too. From here, I cathched many lessons. I just thought how sad their life, even me so happy in here. I really thankfull to the God. Thanks God.
The Last, I am atira elpariska maya would like to encourage all of people to love with our environment and love to our family. Because they are live in this world together with us. Go Green for our world, and love each other!
(Atira Elpariska Maya-XI.Scie.2)


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